Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to make career in journalism

-by Jake Barrett

Journalism is the best choice of career and highly paid career option as compare to other industry. Mass communication courses are the best way to pursue career in journalism, TV, Films industry. This will provide lot of opportunities to all the mass communication students. Many courses available in mass communication like Diploma, certificate & Degree courses in journalism. Journalism is classified into two categories on the basis of media- - (1) Electronic media (ii)Print Media . Journalism provides endless opportunity for journalist in tv, radio, news papers and film industry. 

Career option in electronic media: 
 * Production Workers: Good organizational skills and the ability to work independently are necessary for this job. Confidence to deal with crisis situations and sensitivity too are requirements.
* Reporters: To be the primary source of news, you must have good communication skills and the ability to search and elaborate on all that is important.
* Camera workers: Artistic sense and technical knowledge are vital for this job. The ability to work in difficult and depressing circumstances and adaptability too are necessary.
* Presenters: Good communication skills, skilled command over speech, diction and language, general knowledge and intelligence and the ability to be articulate and composed in stressful conditions are vital for this job. A presenter must also have a control over words and a good quality of expression.

Top institute in India to pursue career in journalism:
* Masscomedia Institutes Noida
* Mudra Institute of communications- Ahemedabad
* Asian college of Journalism- Chennai
* AJ Kidwai Mass Comm Research centre, Jamia – New Delhi
* IIMC – New Delhi * Xavier Institute of Communication – Mumbai
* Film and Television Institute of India – Pune

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