Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Journalism Jobs in India

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The world around has become a den of fast growing changes and evolutions. With the transforming social trends, and progressing economic fashions, the global scenario has indeed become a spectacle of profound involvement.

The Various Types of Jobs available in marketing are Journalism Jobs, Education Jobs.

The field of journalism, which firmly and aptly reflects the transforming social scenario across the world, has also immensely redefined itself. Formerly concerned only with informing people about the prevailing situations, Journalism Jobs has now elevated to becoming a global platform for creating news, rather than depicting just the plain truth.

The press industry has undergone a significant revolution with the influx of several new ways of communication coming up. Journalism now comprises of multitudinous forms of spreading news. Newspapers, media, online news bulletins and web pages have effectively turned the face of journalism into a renewed domain. There is a huge pressure on the news agencies to stand up to the transforming social scenario by reflecting it correctly and suitably.

The field of journalism is exploring new trends to spread news to the readers/viewers. The multimedia options available today, such as online videos, blogs, mobile alerts, online/ web news articles/search engines, offers a wide range of choices for today's readers to choose from. Journalists today are putting best efforts to cater to the vibrancy of the present day generation as well as the simplicity of the older generations for whom the factual information is the supreme truth.

Indian journalism which was earlier fueled by a missionary verve is today led by a commercial intent that wholly circumscribes the essence of this field. With the advent of 24X7 news mediums and channels, this commercial core became more profound. Journalism therefore became a glamorous profession abandoning its somber and sedate characteristics. There is thus a growing demand for competitive and innovative workforce that can cater to the contemporary demands of Indian journalism.

Ranging from live reporting to interviewing, from analyzing the factual representations to the digitalization of the analyzed news reports, this profession has now transposed into becoming one of the most demanding fields. Employment vacancies in journalism in India are therefore increasing and turning into a demanding arena.

A career in the field of journalism is a reputable occupation, which also promises a high wage and profitable returns.

Various kinds of Journalism Jobs are:
1.)    Business Journalism
2.)    Broadcast Journalism
3.)    Investigative Journalism
4.)    Alternative Journalism

Journalism can also be classified into Print Media, that comprises of magazines, newspapers and journals, and Electronic Media which includes mediums like radio, television, web, audio and video.

The pre-requisites that guide the employers for recruiting prospective Job seekers in Journalism are:

1.)    An unconventional bent of mind
2.)    An invincible approach and interest in current affairs
3.)    Ability to develop and present information in a concise and cogent manner
4.)    Effective organizing and comprehending skills
5.)    Flexibility with odd working hours
6.)    A penchant for studying new trends/changes in places and people
7.)    Ability to welcome criticism

Indian journalism has undergone significant transformations over the recent years. With increasing demand for consumer-friendly content, the fine distinction between fact-driven and commercial specific has blurred consequently. With round-the-clock news channels pouring into the media industry, as well as developing print mediums, the face of Indian journalism has metamorphosed into being a reflection of the revolution that is piercing through the global scenario in the present day world.

Journalism in India thus provides endless opportunities for prospective professionals. The job has however become more demanding and challenging. With the world that knows no boundaries and is expanding socially, economically and politically, the job of journalists requires them to walk in pace with the changes that are taking place in leaps and bounds. Specializing in diverse arenas within the broader field of Journalism, the employees engaged in this profession are therefore expected to be an active part of the country's transforming face.

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